Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 7:00 P.M.,
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Marvin Joles III, Tom Whalen, Jr. Marshall, Corey Ewers, Richard Brander. Board President Dan Quinn

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Village President Dan Quinn at 7:00 PM., with a quorum present.

Roll Call – Roll call was taken with all board members present. Also in attendance were Marian Copus, Esther Marshall, Dan Wilson, Adam Reno, Ryan Price, Chris Conner, Christa Quinn, Tootie Pulvermacher, Mary Ann Evans, AJ Christianson, Dan McGuire, Samantha Mueller, Don Brander, Stacy Pilla, Pat Alt, James & Andrea Sullivan, and Karen Kampen. Theresa arrived later.

Motion by Corey Ewers to approve the Agenda and Minutes as reviewed. Second by Harry Pulvermacher. All yes, motion carried.

Bug Tussel Wireless – Samantha Mueller – She has reviewed the site. They are at the point of getting the lease signed, and then we will move on to the zoning. Will be able to approach from Lagoon Rd. Will there be any issue with the light on the tower affecting neighbors? Samantha said no, because the tower will be higher than the houses, and there are the trees between the houses and the tower. Adam said the tower is almost as high as the Water Tower, so the light should not be an issue. Microsoft and T-Mobile will be next on the tower. Carl Busjahn arrived. Discussion & questions followed. Theresa Jensen arrived. Discussion, Will need to set up Zoning Hearing. Motion by Jr., second by Corey to approve the lease..All yes, motion carried.

Bart Nies – Delta 3 Engineering Proposed 2018 Water System Improvements Bart distributed maps and specs. One crossing at Walnut St. and Fireman’s Lane. We want to replace any Orangeberger or cast iron sewer laterals. There are a few. At “T” intersections going west and east going south, if you have a water break in between, shut down. Downside is cost. 17 water valves at $1500 each, but will be much more operational and easier to operate. Fire hydrants have been approved by DNR. We don’t have a fire hydrant at every intersection now, but will after completion. Wherever the street buries, would like to make consistent 24 ft wide, 2 ft wider than it is now. It adds 2 ft. of blacktop and gravel, but will be well worth it. C107 through C114 is Commercial Ave. From the RR tracks on SW side, going to County Line Rd., so it will be across the entire village. Where the existing main is and tying into it, so 10, 15, 30 years down the road, will be easy to add on. Also stubbing in Tamarack & Pine 4” laterals replacing 2” water service going to Tamarack & Pine that has a water valve manhole, getting rid of that. The street will be 24’ of blacktop, down to the bank. 49.5 to 67 to match existing, Putting in 8” water main to replace 2” so you don’t have to replace again,

Next section is Fireman’s Lane C115 and C116. Putting 8” main Union to Commercial. About $1.50 a foot. All brand new water pipes. We passed the galvanized ordinance to eliminate lead pipe issues. There are two places in town that we have to replace. Out of the 75 water services, that is pretty darn good. Street will be 12’ feet wide, same as it is now. Richland St. south, can only get 10 feet wide there. The Waz Inn Alley 2” service line to Commercial. Don’t know exactly how it goes, think it goes 10’ to the back door of the bank. Coming around the corner of the power pole, then coming through the center of the two stalls on the bank. The bank likes that it is moving further away from the bank. Easement needed. It is 20 ft. wide which is great.

The easements were sent to the Village Attorney for the project.

a. Approval of Plans/Specs - .After discussion on the proposed plans and specs, Jr. Marshall made a motion to approve them. Second by Harry Pulvermacher. All yes, motion carried

b. Set Bid Opening - March 8th at 3:00 PM will be the bid opening..

Temporary Class B Retailer’s License for Lone Rock American Legion Auxilliary, for the Cabin Fever 6 Dance on March 3, 2018 – Motion by Harry to approve the licenses, second by Richard Brander. All yes, motion carried.

Operator License for Ethel Fitzgibbons and Tootie Pulvermacher Motion by Harry Pulvermacher, second by Richard Brander to approve the licenses. All yes, motion carried.

Cigarette & Tobacco License for Lone Stop Shell, Operator Permits for Sukhdeep Gill, Karamjeet Kaur, and Sukhvir - Mann Motion by Harry Pulvermacher, second by Richard Brander to approve. All yes, motion carried.

Compost Burn Site – Town of Spring Green – Adam checked with DNR. It is their ordinance, they can do whatever they want. They copied the DNR’s. Suggestion to find a site in Richland County, but they do not allow burn sites anymore. Corey said we may as well apply for the permit. Motion by Corey Ewers to apply for the burn permit from the Town of Spring Green, second by Jr. Marshall. All yes, motion carried.

Land proposal for Larry Jelinek for Future Business in Lone Rock. Dan Quinn said we already have a proposal that was written up for the salt company a few years ago, and thought we may as well use that as a guideline for this. Harry agreed that the salt company proposal even includes the RR company information. Corey said get a copy of this to Mr. Jelinek and get his opinion before we go any further with it. Discussion on other locations in Lone Rock that may work if he decides not to go with this location, Tabled to next meeting. James and Andrea Sullivan and Theresa left.

Letter from Gardiner Appraisal, 2017 Act 68 (AB 480), WI Towns Assn Training – Clerk Kampen gave board members a letter from the assessor explaining the repercussions of Act 68, that is passing through at this time. It gives property owners the right to deny access to the assessor when assessing their property. While it means they do not have to let the assessor in, it also means they will likely encounter problems down the road, if they want to change the assessment on their property, and it will be more expensive to the homeowner to then have it assessed at a different time.

Pest Control Contracts – Harry Pulvermacher said he has already done the library and the Village wants to add the Fire station. Corey Ewers said he and Adam contacted other companies for their cost estimates for the same services. Wil-Kil’s contract is for $5 less per building. Discussion followed that we should accept Wil-Kil’s contract. Motion by Corey to accept Wil-Kil’s contract, Marvin Joles III second. All yes, motion carried

School Use Committee Report – Dan McGuire & Don Brander. Don said the committee took proposals of what to do with the Lone Rock Elementary School, and they said (hell) no. Need to split up the two proposals. They offered us six months of first right of refusal if they get an offer on the building. That is really the only protection they have. We control the zoning. When it was deeded to the Village back in the 1940’s, it was stipulated that the buildings could only be used for education. Apparently, if they sell it back to us, that would no longer apply to us. It would cost them over a half million to improve the forest land to lots, doubt if they will want to do that.

Lone Rock Youth Sports Report – Dan McGuire – Pat is taking a hiatus, just lost her husband. Dan needs help to keep the program going, and revive it. Tomorrow Dan will hand out flyers at the bus stop. Dan asked the board if there is any money at all to hire a couple of college kids to help out with training and etc. No way of knowing how many kids. Six or eight kids have come forward without any handouts going out. Would like to have at least two teams each, for boys and for girls. Will talk to Ethyl about bringing in teams for a 4th of July tournament. Several years ago we had a boy and a girl from River Valley. One was Molly’s daughter. Thinks we gave some sort of compensation,. Marvin said Matthew Pfeil is great with the kids, Marvin will ask him. Brander said put something together and let us know what to plan on. March through July, can’t have practice until after school is out. That leaves onlyJune and July. They practice/play two or three days a week. Put Dan on next board meeting agenda. Put the school committee on the agenda as well.

Library – Library Director Stacy Pilla said 499 was the door count for the past month. There were 406 Computer sign-ins. She turns off the router at night. Charter is coming Wednesday to assess for Badgerland fiber optic. She asked if the Yoga class can use the basement for free. The Board agreed. New hourly schedule will take effect beginning March 2nd, when the library will be open from 11 to 5:30 Mon thru Thurs. The Library is selling T-Shirts that say, “Reading Rocks” for a very minimal $8.00 each.

Police – Ryan Price reported that cleanup time is coming up, unlicensed vehicles will be targeted. Will also be stepping up traffic patrol in the Village.

Parks – Adam said we will get rid of sand at Fireman’s park and put chips down. Marvin reported on the Splashpad. Talked to Josh Alt, needs specific electrical plans. We will be updating the cameras.

Streets – Adam said Bart covered everything.

Water and Sewer – Dan said he is having problems with the water tower leaking, repairs will be coming tomorrow.

Public Input - Nothing to report.

Upcoming Meetings – Next Board Meeting March 13, 2018
February 20, 2018, Supreme Court Primary
March 3rd, Cabin Fever Dance 6

March 8th – Opening of Bids at 3:00 P.M. Review Bills – The bills were distributed for initialed approvals.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:04 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen J. Kampen, Clerk