Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 9, 2018, at 6:30 P.M.,
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Marvin Joles III, Tom Whalen Corey Ewers, Richard Brander. Board President Dan Quinn

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Village President Dan Quinn at 6:30 PM., with a quorum present.

Roll Call – Roll call was taken with all board members present, with the exception of Marvin Joles III. Also in attendance were Esther and Jr. Marshall, Tootie Pulvermacher, Sandra Creasey, Mary Ann Evans, Alice Hatfield, Pat Alt, and Karen Kampen.

Call Meeting to Order – Hear Names of Persons Interested in Serving as Trustee for the Time Period January 9, 2018 through April 3, 2018

Chris Conner, Steve Morgenson, Sara Christianson submitted Letter of Interest. Discussion followed. Jr. Marshall said he was asked awhile back, and since it is only for three months, he said he would come back for that time. Pulvermacher recommended Jr Marshall to take the seat until April. Brander said this is only until April, and there will be an election on April 3rd and encouraged all to apply. Steve Morgenson said he has been on the board for many years and felt he has done a good job. He was commended for his work. He said he was in the water project from the beginning. Dan asked for preference, either ballot or show of hands. Show of hands selected. Asked for votes for Chris Connor. Next was Steve Morgenson. Tom Whalen voted for Steve Morgenson. Jr. Marshall received three votes. Sara Christianson received none. Jr. Marshall was selected to serve as a Trustee until the April 3, 2018 election.

Swear In New Trustee Clerk Kampen swore in new Trustee Jr. Marshall.

Approve agenda – approve minutes Motion by Corey Ewers, second by Richard Brander to approve the agenda. All yes, motion carried. Motion by Harry Pulvermacher, second by Corey Ewers to approve the minutes. All yes, motion carried.

Clerk Kampen introduced Sukie Gill, Agent for SKG Mart, LLC, new owners of Lone Stop Shell. Sukie said they currently own one next to Meriter Hospital in Madison for 14 years. They will take all their experience from owning that one and apply it to this one, but do not anticipate any changes. They intend to employ the current employees. They also own two Quizno stores, and could open one more. They just moved to Oregon, WI, but may move closer now, perhaps to Middleton, to be closer to this store. They have had many offers to purchase their properties, but have preferred to stay with the ones they have. They have a scheduled closing on Friday, January 19th. They have asked for a minimum of one week of training. All current employees apart from the current owner are strongly encouraged to remain with the new owners, as that is their intention.

Liquor License Application - LONE STOP SHELL – Karamjeet Kaur, Sukhdeep Gill, and Sukhvir Mann, Members of SKG Mart, LLC, dba Lone Stop Shell, a gas station and convenience store located at 33659 US Hwy 14, Lone Rock, WI 53556, for a Class “A” Beer and Class “A” Liquor License, as requested by Sukhdeep Gill, Agent, to be sold on the convenience store floor and from store coolers, and having paid the required cost of said application. Posted in “Home News,” at the Village Office, at the Post Office, and on the Village website. Motion by Pulvermacher, second by Brander to approve the Class “A” Liquor License for the new owners of Lone Stop Shell. All yes, motion carried.

Alcohol Server Applications – Samantha S. Shaw and Tyler R. Cooper for D & Z’s; Miranda Quinn for The Woods Motion by Pulvermacher, second by Brander to approve the Server Applications as presented. All yes, motion carried.

Clerk Kampen said she checked with Attorney, who said Corey can vote on everything Water Project related up until the bids are let out. Once the bids are let, then Corey needs to recuse himself from anything Water Project-related until the bids are selected.

Proposed Issuance of Approximately $500,000 Village of Lone Rock (the "Village") General Obligation Water System Promissory Notes, Series 2018 (Safe Drinking Water Loan) Discussion followed. Any cost related will be covered by grants. Motion Jr. Marshall, second by Harry Pulvermacher to approve the Bond issuance by bond counsel of Quarles & Brady. All yes, motion carried. The agreement was signed.

Larry Jelinek – Interest in Starting Business in Lone Rock

He is interested in starting a business in village. He lives in Avoca now, but is interested in building a shop here in Lone Rock. His daughter, Paige Jelinek, put together the information to present to the board. His shop would be a 60 X 100 foot structure, In addition to his shop, he has a couple of businesses who would like to rent space from him. He said he would employ three to seven, plus would have additional businesses interested in sharing space. Certified mechanics. 2 bays for mine, just for equipment,. Other bay for other certified mechanics for automobile servicing, plus 20 by 40 leased to Banking Consultants & Engineers out of Madison & Milwaukee. If the price of pulp comes back he will be shipping pulp out., six to eight semi loads in summer, bays are for my logging equipment, storage in winter. No sawing of lumber would be done in Lone Rock. The pulp would be made other places, right now near Blue Mounds.. Rear ends, engines, maintenance of own equipment. They don’t give you much time when you say you will ship 10 railway cars and only ship six, I get charged for 10, so being close to railway is important. Whoever leases the shop will likely hire local employees. The Banking Consultants would be five to seven employees, They haul 98,000 lbs. Dan said the feed trucks and delivery trucks have hauled on the same streets without any problems. Some discussion on the water main project construction, whether that would impede traffic. Dan would like to see what we can offer him to get the businesses into Lone Rock. The property is already zoned for it. The only zoning change would be on the former Kast property.

Handouts were printed and distributed to board members. Discussion of all places available in Lone Rock that would suit his purposes.

Would like to start building new shop by late March.

Dan Quinn said we need to look at how much land is there. Would possibly include the Kast property. Corey said if he wants X dollars in assessment, we could sell it to him for that much. Harry looked up his copies of the paperwork on the salt company.

The village will have our attorney put paperwork together similar to the salt company. Check on what the taxes would be on a $350,000 building. Will put on next month’s agenda to proceed. All board members agreed to put the paperwork together and have this on the February agenda. Do we have any problem with clear-span buildings? The trucking company just put one up three or four years ago, and there was no problem with that.

Wil-Kil Protection for Village Office Harry said he put together a proposal to do the work for the Village Office. He asked Adam if he still wants to have it done. Adam said yes, we need to have that here, too. Corey said Orkin will be here to give another cost estimate. Board members agreed that we should have at least a couple of estimates. Put on February agenda.

Establish Committee to Recommend Uses for Elementary School Building – Discussion on letter received on RVSD meeting on January 11, 2018. Don Brander said the Board needs to be involved Discussion on what board members are willing to serve on the committee and attend the meetings. Richard Brander, Marvin Joles III, and Jr. Marshall will serve on the committee. Jr. said it is no longer a school, it is several pieces of property. Motion to support the committee by Tom Whalen, second by Jr. Marshall to appoint the committee that will support the recommended uses of the school building. All yes, motion carried. Don Brander said we found out what a “Gentleman’s Agreement” is all about, and we know we don’t want any more of those. Now we need some concrete agreement to work with.

Building Permits – None.

Police – Dan read a letter from Officer Price, as he was unable to attend the meeting There has been a suspicious vehicle in town, a white SUV with Illinois plates. If anyone notices this activity, please let Office Price know. He needs to have forms filled out rather than just giving him names, he knows it is inconvenient, but it is necessary in order for him to do his part. Ryan and Dan discussed his schedule of rotating and not posting anything. He wants everyone to know he does have a cell phone anytime you need to contact him, just contact the Village office to get his number.

Streets – Adam said the parking lot across from the elementary school building, half is on neighboring properties. Landowners from both properties would like to see that parking lot taken out. Discussion followed that there is plenty of parking in the parking lot behind the building, with majority in agreement that the area should be returned in good order to the owners. Adam said they haven’t had to plow yet, and that is good. In the spring, Adam said he will prep it and seed it so it looks nice.

Library – Stacy said our December door count was 558. We had a Holiday Food Drive and were able to put together a modest-sized box for the Lone Rock Community Food Pantry. In February, Jing Brander will be doing a couple of presentations for kids, some jewelry making with the kids, We will have a Yoga workshop at no cost. A Safe Sitter Class for kids ages 11 to 13 during spring break. In September, Richland Hosp will be putting on a Diabetic Education Class.

Water and Sewer - Dan said tomorrow morning both wells are being inspected, which is required. Richard Brander said he would like to see the fluoride removed from our drinking water. We pay $300 a year to put it in. Dan W said the DNR says we have to have a community informational meeting and backing from the community on whether they want the fluoride in their water or not. Corey asked if he had read all the things on the Question and Answer part on it, and said things we see on the internet are not very reliable. Steve Morgenson said we need to put it out to the public for discussion., Corey said he has looked at it both ways since it was brought up, and found out that for every dollar we spend on fluoride, each resident saves $38 in dental fees. Discussion on Fluoride treatment, handouts from Richard Brander.

Public Input – Alice and Pat walk every morning in the Community Center. After the Girl Scouts were in there, they left all the tables and chairs up and didn’t put anything away. Karen will write a letter to Girl Scouts that they need to put back the tables and chairs, put it back the way you found it. Dan said the same goes for everyone who uses the Community Center, put it back the way you found it.

Review Bills – The bills were distributed for each board member’s initialed approval.

Upcoming Meetings –
Caucus – Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.
Next Board Meeting February 13, 2018

Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen J. Kampen, Clerk