Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at 6:30 P.M.,
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Marvin Joles III, Tom Whalen, Dan Quinn, Corey Ewers, Richard Brander. Board President, Dean Ewers presiding.

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Board President Dean Ewers at 7:00 PM.

Roll Call – Roll call was taken with all board members present except Dan Quinn, who arrived later. Also in attendance were Marian Copus, Esther Marshall, Adam Reno, Christa Quinn, A.J. Christianson, Pat Alt, Tootie Pulvermacher, Stacy Pilla, Donna Gorman, Babe Kraska, Terry Watters, Carl Bussjahn, Bart Nies of Delta 3, Atty. Ed Leineweber, Dale Bender of SW Partners, Samahtha Mueller and Ken Franzen from Bug Tussel, Dan Weier and son, Dan McGuire, and Karen Kampen.

Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda Corey Ewers, second by Harry Pulvermacher, all in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes by Corey Ewers, second by Harry Pulvermacher, all in favor, motion carried. Dan and Christa Quinn arrived.

Delta 3 Engineering – Bart Nies and/or Mark Doyle – Water Main Grant Funding Update – Bart said we have been awarded the $500,000 CDBG grant from the Department of Administration. Part of those grant requirements is that we have a Procurement Policy in place.

A. Procurement Policy Bart explained that we need to have a Procurement Policy in place for the Grants. Two samples were prepared by clerk Kampen for the Board’s review and discussion. Motion by Corey Ewers, second by Harry Pulvermacher to adopt the Village of Lone Rock Procurement Policy, version A, All yes, motion carried, Village of Lone Rock Procurement Policy approved, signed and dated.

B. Grant Administration Contract with Bart – Bart went on to say that in addition to the CDBG Grant, we also applied for the DNR Safe Drinking Water Grant, and we just found out about two weeks ago that we have made the Draft Funding List, which is not the final funding list, but typically this doesn’t change much at this point, and right now, the Village is on board for $500,000 in Grant money, plus the remaining $500,000 in a 20-year loan at 1.12%. This means we have $1,000,000 in grant monies that we do not have to pay back, plus the low-interest loan to cover the remaining costs. This is the best-case scenario we were looking at one year ago when we made the decision to apply.

As part of that, the Government will be checking very closely to see that the funds are used exactly as outlined according to the grant guidelines so there is a lot of paperwork. Some communities have their clerk do it, about less than one percent of them. Other communities hire someone, like Delta3 to do that work. If you decide to have Delta3 do that for you, there is a contract in each of your packets for you to review and decide on. The contract covers administration of both grants. These costs are not in addition to the project estimates, these costs were included in, and the administrative costs are covered under the Safe Drinking Water grant. Discussion on having Bart be the Grant Administrator – Corey Ewers made a motion to contract with Delta 3 Engineering to administer the grants, second by Marvin Joles III, all voted yes, motion carried. The contract was signed and dated.

Bart said he would like to skip to Item D and return to Item C after that, and did so.

C. DNR/Lead Water Service Policy – This is a policy from DNR this year. Delta 3’s policy is if we have come across a lead water service on a project, we contact the property owner and have them get it replaced. That is all we can do at that time. Bart had a conference call with DNR. They are not requiring any community to change their policy, however if we do not require any homeowner with lead pipes leading into their house from the water main, we would lose the grant funding for that entire block of work. Karen has provided two examples of Ordinances to choose from. You don’t have to approve one tonight, but you do need to seriously consider adopting one of them. The Village’s Water Department cannot pay for it; it has to be paid by the homeowner. If there are no lead pipes, it won’t matter; but if there are, it could end up costing us a lot of grant money. Dan Wilson and Adam Reno will be finding out in the next couple of months which homes that are located on the streets involved have lead or galvanized services. Discussion on what it would cost the homeowner. Bart said he would guess it would be about $700 to $1,000, depending on the distance from the main to the house. You can do it by assessment, like curb and gutter assessments, so that it would be assessed on their property tax bill.

Donna Gorman, Stacy Pilla, Dan McGuire, Dan Weier and son, and more people arrived. We used every chair in the building. Great turnout.

Dean said there are a few with galvanized, but he hasn’t seen any with lead. Most have already been upgraded. Harry said he would like to have a notice sent out with the Utility bill saying that it is happening. Dean said they can tell themselves by going into their basement and look at where the pipe comes in from the street. It will either be copper or galvanized pipe. Galvanized is considered same as lead, and would have to be replaced. It will be a village-wide ordinance, so if, for example, in 2023 someone who is not located on this project has a water leak and work needs to be done, and we find out they have galvanized or lead pipes, they would still be required at that time to replace their pipes, but for this present time, it is only aimed at the homes located on the streets where the work is being done. Discussion followed. The $32,000 annual payment will need to be secured through a raise in the water rate, and will be done in the next month. Dean said Karen will have one prepared for our next meeting. Bart needs Aaron Halverson’s contact information,

D. DNR/Safe Drinking Water Intent to Apply (ITA) Priority Evaluating Ranking Form (PERF) – Because the project is going on beyond the calendar year, because you are not starting construction until next year, I recommend to submit another Intent to Apply (ITA) and Priority Evaluating Ranking Form (PERF), just so that you remain on their list, and all that is needed is a motion to submit them to carry over into next year. There is no cost involved, just submitting the same forms we submitted last fall. Corey Ewers made a motion to approve the DNR/Safe Drinking Water Intent to Apply (ITA) Priority Evaluating Ranking Form (PERF). Dan Quinn second. All voted yes, motion carried. Bart said, had we not gotten these grants and the loan, and decided to do the project without them, our annual payment on this project would have been $93,000 per year. Because we got the grant money, we are looking at a $32,000 a year payment. Bart reviewed what is coming up and what to expect. He will review the plans with Adam and Dan, probably in November, Bart will be back after the first of the year, and possibly set a Bid Date for the Construction bids. The Bid Date will probably be in February or early March. Bart will take care of getting in the bids, and will come back in either February or March board meeting with the bids. When we award the bids, we are off and running. Construction will probably be 4 or 5 months throughout the summer, and shoot for a completion date around October 15th.

Bart Nies left.

Southwest Partners Economic Development – Dale Bender – Partnered up as a group Career Ed Coop – with one public, one private school, with five public schools, Kickapoo, Richland Center, Ithaca, Hillsboro, and Riverdale, plus a private school, Eagle School – to do apprenticeships. La Farge will be joining this year, too. This is for students that are looking for a career path that doesn’t include college, sometimes they can get college credits by doing an apprenticeship with a business in the community, in the hopes that they will then stay in the community and add to their community. Circle of Stairs shows what can be done. They started with 7 students the first year, and in four years they have 41 students in the program now. Supported by the businesses and the schools. Students are paid employees during high school for their work. They work a min 450 hours, $9.66 per hour, also can earn college credits. Partnered with UW and SW Tech. Want to let the students know they cannot just stop their education and start working, but that they can continue their education and earn money at a job at the same time. They did talk with River Valley, and they have a youth apprenticeship of their own, and though they are not joined with us, they are giving us input.

They also have a Re3creational Trails Project that is used for fundraising. Pine River used to be filled with debris, they cleaned up out and created a tourism mechanism out of it, from Rockbridge to Gotham. Created landings, through grants and fundraising have raised a half million dollars. Pine River is a silent sports project. Mtn. biking, snowshoes, X-country skiing, camping, tied into a grant 50/50 match. With city of Richland Center. Four years ago the Chamber and Econ Dev were disbanded in Richland County. SW Regional Planning reached out and were asked if they would be willing to take on Econ Dev. Partnered w/ Richland County, Richland Coop, City of Richland Center, Richland Utilities, $4000 each, to start it up. They hired Kate Kozial at 20% time, and is the lead contact. The other two members are in Forest and Bloom Twps tonight, will be in Buena Vista tomorrow night. Do you have a place for a start-up business to locate? Please fiil out the form and send it back.

Dale Bender left.

Bug Tussel Wireless – Samantha Mueller – Samantha said they would like to swap out their equipment, plus they would like to put up their own tower. Dean recommended land by the Water Tower, land where the old Co-op was, the land in the diamond-shape at the edge of town. Ken Franzen also here. We lease 100 by 100, fence off 50 by 50. Harry said by the Water Tower would be the only space. They will go up 150 feet. Dan Quinn said Arena, Avoca they also have towers. Arena is 95 feet. They will lease the space. Discussion on how far they have to be from the airport. Two miles would be pushing it. Out in the pines would be 10 acres. Power runs right up the sand road. They have contracted with AT&T. They are very interested. 53:50

Samantha and Ken left.

Village Attorney Ed Leineweber – He is “two-thirds retired from practicing law.” They are gone a fair amount of time, so hurry-up work may not work well. City Atty for RC three years before he became a judge. $200 / hr is normal rate, would do Village for $150. Would need to know who authorizes what work. Harry said Dean can answer the questions best. Dean usually calls, or the office staff. Motion by Richard Brander, second by Tom Whalen to hire Ed Leineweber as the Village’s Attorney. All in favor, motion carried. Atty. Leineweber said he is glad to be a part of our meeting tonight, and see all the positive things we have going here, and is excited to be a part of it. Harry Pulvermacher asked should we contact Chiquoine and get that info to Ed? Karen will need to contact Chiquoine to get the information here. Ed Leineweber left.

Village Sign Update – Dan Weier reported that $1,200 for lights, conduit, etc is another $300, so we need to have a figure. Question on if Ray needs money from the Village as agreed earlier. Harry Pulvermacher will look into if an invoice should be prepared for the Village to reimburse Ray. The sign looks great! Harry said once the sign is done, get the Richland Observer out here to do a story on it.

Audit/Financial Review – Update – Clerk Kampen said the work has begun, and Aaron Halverson has already finished his review of the Property Tax Account. He is at the point where he needs to work on the actual data for the Utility Account. Karen said a good time for him to have the Utility Account data will be the last week of September, when Esther will be on vacation and Karen will be out of the office for three days of training, one for Department of Revenue and two days grant administration training. He has given some good suggestions for separating the water and sewer costs, which will save us money on our insurance, plus being compliant. We will be gaining an audit of our ending and beginning balances.

Codification of Ordinances Project – Karen said she has been going through the ordinances, putting them on a spreadsheet and as she comes across ordinances that update older ones, cross-referencing those updates on the spreadsheet. Harry wants to wait until Esther gets back from vacation so she is included on it. Esther said she actually handed it off to Karen because she uses them more. Karen said someone who would be very helpful is Ryan Price. He is very knowledgeable on the ordinances, and would be a big help. Discussion followed. Include Esther, Ryan, AJ.

Building Permits Bill Kolman – Building Permit to build a garage – Discussion on if a variance was needed. Discussion followed that all paperwork does not appear to be in place. Question on whether a variance is needed. Dan Weier said he was told only one extra building per lot. Dean said not if it is attached to the house. Tabled until the Board has a chance to go look at it.

Police – Ryan not here. Parks – A basketball hoop got broken at the Park, but the parents said they will pay for it. Richard said he saw kids at the school trying to get on the roof. The school needs to clean up in back of the school. The materials and junk were there to make it easy for them to do it. They were not young children.

Splash Pad – Pop Machine – Marvin gave a quick update, we did receive a donation from Royal Bank for $5,000 and there have been some private donations amounting to hundreds of dollars. Also have a couple of fundraisers scheduled -- Dan McGuire asked if it would be in the best interest for Lone Rock. Should the playground equipment be removed because it is in the back of the school, and is an attraction for vandals. Harry said he does not want it moved. The equipment was paid for by Village residents, constructed by Village residents, and belongs to the Village. Suggestion to move the playground equipment to the park.

Streets -
Concrete at Fire Station – Corey asked if that was going to be done at the end of the project. Dean said the concrete is going to have to be torn up anyway, so put on hold until the water work is done.

Library – Tootie says they have been cleaning out a closet. They need Adam to help them dispose of some stuff. Adam said he will be there on Friday. They found a hole in there, and think it should be covered up. Would like to get some shelves put up. They have the flag drop box for any flags that need to be disposed of, would like to have that put on the Village website. Introduced new Librarian, Stacy. Stacy Pilla said in August they had 970 people visit the library, and three new patrons. She thanked us for the prompt response on the lighting. She has been shutting down the Wi-Fi and it has helped clear up the littering problem. They’re having a little bit of a sticky door issue that they may need help with. The foors are being waxed and the carpet cleaned. Bookmark contest for kids. Looking for people to help with homework. Mon-Thurs 9-2:30, closed Fri and Sun, 2nd and 4th Sat 9:00 to 1:0.

Water and Sewer - Dan is on vacation, but Adam gave a report. There was a main sewer line that ruptured inside the Lift Station that ruined everything in the Lift Station. They’re waiting on a new PC, ruined the phone and everything. The phone dialer was ruined so it didn’t sound the alarm. Fixed the storm sewer manhole.

CMAR Report – Put on next month’s agenda and have Dan go through it.

Public Input – Dan McGuire is getting angry phone calls from parents on the bussing situation. Overcrowded, the bus starts moving when the kids are still walking back trying to find a seat, little kids are having to sit with high school kids, Haglund promised a bigger bus but it hasn’t happened. Arena kids are even being asked to stand up. There are absolutely unsafe conditions and parents are up in arms. Harry suggested take pictures of what is happening. Have the kids turn on their cell phones when they get on the bus. Dan wants people to show up at the School Board meeting Thursday night, and Dan would like any parents to call him if they have issues. Union and Orange Streets it is very dangerous. There are cars parked on every street where the bus stops, which makes it hard for the kids to get to the bus. Harry said the best thing we can do is have Haglund come to our meeting and find out what he intends to do about the situation. Corey Ewers said he thinks the buses have cameras and are recording. A bus did not use its lights when it stopped for the kids. Marian Copus suggested having the Sheriff there to arrest them. Dean said the only street in the Village set up for bus pickup is at the Elementary School, and the school should be open so the kids can have a warm place to wait for the bus. Brander said there was zero coordination with the Village on bus pickups. There are no speed limit signs to slow traffic at the bus stops. Karen asked what time they are picked up. Between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m.

AJ – Blood Drive last Thursday. Elevator issue at Comm. Ctr., had to have the Blood Drive at the Elementary School. Municipal Court tomorrow night. Ryan hasn’t been there. We have to have some kind of security there. Put on next month’s agenda.

Harry moved off his seat on the board to discuss pest control for all the Village buildings. He has something from Wil Kil for every building. Added in Pumphouse 1 and Pumphouse 2, traps in the Library, the Fire Station, the Garage, total will be around $200 for all the buildings. He will have it for the October meeting.

Review Bills – The bills were reviewed and approved.

Upcoming Meetings –
Next Board Meeting October 10, 2017
Calvin Baldebush from Mark Pocan’s Office
4th of July Committee Report – Ethel Fitzgibbons
Tractor Pull Concession Stand

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen J. Kampen, Clerk