Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Special Meeting With Delta 3 Engineering
Tuesday, June 20, 2017, at 7:00 P.M.,
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Marvin Joles III, Tom Whalen, Dan Quinn, Corey Ewers, Richard Brander. Board President, Dean Ewers presiding.

Also present: Bart Nies of Delta 3 Engineering

Roll Call – approve agenda – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Dean Ewers. Roll call was taken, with all members present. Corey/Dan approve agenda

Proposed Water System Improvements – Phase I Project

Approval of Project Plans and Specifications – By 6/30 has to submit approval and plans. Distributed reports. Reviewed project specs. Big Plan, first few pps are Union St. Do you know of any sewer manhole lids that need repair. Dan said we already repaired those with no pick lids. Hydrants – do you want a hydrant at every intersection? Minimum is every 600 ft. Dean said every 600 ft is good, not at every intersection. The wellhouse on Commercial, page C112. If you have a hydrant you (Dan) can flush when you need to. Dean said put it by the Wellhouse on Commercial, at the Parsonage. Where the car is parked in the photo, in the Reverend’s driveway. Dan, do you have a preference on the side streets? There are streets that do not have a water main. Put new hydrant at Lilac, where the old one is. Can remove the Ash St. hydrant because we have one at County Line Rd. Is there a certain distance you want them off the blacktop? Usually with Curb & Gutter we ut them 6 to 10. If there is sidewalk now, I plan to have them between the sidewalk and the road. Board members agreed with that. Drive around the rest of the week and decide. Dean said he thinks about 6 ft off the blacktop, that would be ok. Bart said or we can leave them where they are now. That would be good. Water valves -- Where we are tying into Walnut St., have to tie that into Walnut and Union. Put the valve by the bend. Bart said then he will do that for all of them, is that ok? Dean asked question, then they all agreed. This way, hopefully if they ever have to be replaced, you won’t have to dig up the whole street. Discussion on where the mains are now. Streets – I’m planning to do 22 ft of blacktop. Do you have a preference of 22 or 24? Commercial is closer to 24, Union St. is 22. Dan Q said Mill st. runs into Union, that should be 24. Consensus is for 24 ft. The cost is negligible to go to 24 ft. Commercial 24, Union 22. Minimum whatever it is now. County Line Rd. PP C117 & C118, put it on the West side. There may be some tree trimming. The alley will have to be on the East side, because of state code. The first block union to Richland, not a problem. Once we leave the alley by Cody … do you know if there is a sewer in there? Who owns the property? Between Reno and Bank. Discussion on Commercial Ave vs Commercial St. Dean said he’s talking about right behind the Waz. Bart said we have to get the easements we need before getting the grant, otherwise it will take a lot more time and money. This is the most important half block of the project, because we don’t know who owns that. Everyone in that area gets fed off that alley line. Would we have to get the easement from both Tammy Reno and the bank? First have to decide where we are going to go across, then get the easement. Tom said that all belonged to the old hotel, and there was no alley between there. Horses were kept in there. Dean said there was a cistern in front of Tammy’s house, they tried to fill it in, finally capped it off. Dan Q said then we have to find out where people are connecting in before applying for an easement? Yes. Discussion on tying into the main. Bart said find out where each place is tied into the line. If you want to do any sewer work, do it before this starts. Village property is located on the south side of Commercial, between Tamarack and Walnut. Can Q said it goes past Walnut, almost to Pine St.

Approval of Project Plans and Specifications - Need a motion – Dan Q to approve the submittal of the Plans and the Specs to the DNR. Harry second. All yes, motion carried.

Approval of Engineering Contract – Delta 3 Engineering – Motion by Dan to accept the Corey second, all yes, carried.

Safe Drinking Water Loan Program Application – Proposed Water System Improvements – Phase I Project

This is different from it has $100,;000 of contingency. If Alliant Energy has to move some poles, etc, that’s where we will get the money for that. Quarles & Brady is who I recommend from Milwaukee to do the resolutions, etc. Any questions? If not then I need a motion

Approval of Safe Drinking Water Loan Program Application for submittal to DNR –Corey motion to approve the Dan Q second the Safe Drining Water Loan Program Ap[pication for submittal to DNR. All yes, motion carried. $32,682 annual pmnt if we get the grants/loans at 1.8% Approx. 24 wks of construction. Private Plumbing review – info Karen distributed yesterday to board and to Bart. Bart explained what it means.

Upcoming Meetings – Next Board Meeting July 11, 2017

Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen J. Kampen, Clerk

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