Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 13, 2017, at 7:00 P.M.,
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Marvin Joles III, Tom Whalen, Dan Quinn, Corey Ewers, Richard Brander. Board President, Dean Ewers presiding.

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Board President Dean Ewers at 7:00 PM.

Roll Call – Roll call was taken with all board members present. Also in attendance were Esther Marshall, Dan Wilson, Adam Reno, Christa Quinn, A.J. Christianson, Ethel Fitzgibbons, Pat Alt, Deb Riese, Alice Hatfield, Tootie Pulvermacher, Mary Evans, Don Brander, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hatfield, Babe Kraska, and Karen Kampen.

Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda by Corey Ewers, second by Dan Quinn, all in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes by Marvin Joles III, second by Harry Pulvermacher, all in favor, motion carried.

Resolution 2017-10 to Save and Preserve Lone Rock Elementary School Building -

Cell Towers – Requests for Access/Contract Updates – Andy – they would like to do some enhancements and upgrade the equipment; We will continue having the current users, but not adding any new users, as it is full now. Andy will amend the contract to increase the rent.

Village Attorney – The Village attorney is retiring. We

EMS Office – Harry motion to make the office across by Ryan’s office for the EMS office. Dan second, Motion carried.

Compost / Burn Site _ Signs are up, everything is going okay.

Liquor Licenses, Cigarette Licenses and Operators’ Permits for
D & Z’s – Class “A” Liquor, Class “A” Beer, Cigarette & Tobacco Products
Operator Permits for Melodie Wells, Courtney Lufkin-Brisk, Rena Bjorge, Danielle Halverson, Christy Richter, Stacey Sordahl, LeAnn Schultz, and Aleta Schweiss
Dollar General – Class “A” Liquor (Wine), Class “A” Beer, Cigarette & Tobacco Products
Operator Permits for Kelli Van Bendergom, Lawrence Joseph Gatta, Josh Russell, Jennifer Hurley, and Alexandra Deneen
Lone Stop Shell – Class “B” Liquor, Class “B” Beer, Cigarette & Tobacco Products
Operator Permits for James Crist, Hunter Pulvermacher, Hinolan Yowilda Moya, Holly K. Potaracke, Eugene Leffler, Cassie Rowles, Jessica Bartle, Kim Kitelinger, John Crook, Cheri Crook Operator Permit for Rhonda Rogstad
The Woods – Class “B” Beer, Class “B” Liquor
Operator Permits for Jenna Lea Ackerman, Lori Marie Miller, Mary Jean Larsen, Kaitlyn Marie Sass, Sheila A. Pulvermacher, Trevor Daniel Strine, Jenna Jo Foley, Eileen Mary Hamburg, Margaret Ann Schmitz
Temporary Permit for 4th of July Committee
Operator Permit for Tootie Pulvermacher
Individual Operator Permit for Buford E. Marshall, Jr.
Harry/Dan to approve all of them.


Gas Card or Cash for after hours use – Ryan explained that a lot of times he needs to make a long run after the stations are closed, and he doesn’t always have enough cash. Marvin motion for a DZ card, Harry said if we do a credit card, he has to put in an odometer reading and a PIN number. Discussion on what type of card to get. Ryan can make the decision. Marvin motion for $50 card, second by Dan second. All yes, motion carried.

New Portable Radio – Tower is dispatching the emergency information now. Ryan found a used portable radio that he can use without leaving the squad car running all the time. XTS Motorola Radio, $2900 radio for $500. Harry, Dan to approve the purchase of the $500 radio.

4th of July Staffing – Last year Spring Green was good to assist Ryan and didn’t charge us. However, he heard that we prefer to get assistance from somewhere else. RC Deputy Kanable said they are very short-staffed, and may not be able to get us enough coverage. He would still like to talk with Chief Wilkins from Spring Green and work something out there. Marvin asked about problems last year. Ryan said there was an attempted abduction last year and some other minor issues. Board said okay to get help from Spring Green, too.

Parks – Adam said there was some vandalism; we know who did it. Will

Concession Stand Use – Marvin said there was a mix-up last weekend, and we got it handled and taken care of, wants to confirm that the Concession Stand should stay in the hands of the 4th of July Committee and Youth Sports, and not open to public use. Dean said it is easier to keep it locked up to protect the property. Marvin said until we are able to develop it in a fool-proof way, we should keep it for youth sports and 4th of July. Youth Sports uses it through the 4th of July. Harry said Parks Commission, Youth Sports decide how it should be used. Marvin said he’d like to make a motion Corey second, all in favor, motion carried.

Streets – Nothing.

Library – New Librarian started Monday, and is already setting up some new programs The Library has a drop box for old flags. The Veterans will take care of them. Tom asked for a flag for our Community Hall. Tootie said Harry is going to spray the Library and the Village office for ants, at no cost, then will have someone else from WilKil come in and put a contract togerther. Curio cabinet to display things you would like people to see. There is a big trophy in there right now. Thank you for getting the locks changed.

Water and Sewer – Dan distributed the Resolution 2017-11 Motion by Corey second by Tom to approve Res 2017-11. All yes, motion carried. Dan is working on the lagoons now.

CMAR Report Dean said Buena Vista has asked EMS to expand our area of EMS coverage, and fire could come with it. They would like us to also cover Sextonville, but Dan said not until he gets more people recruited and trained. Discussion on training. Dan should have the information by this fall, when the next class is.

Marvin said Jessica from the Bank got back to him about the Splash Pad for Firemen’s Park. Marvin distributed the information and described the water features. They are working on fundraising, the cost will be about $25,000. Ethel; is looking into a Home Depot Grant. The bank will donate about $5,000. Lone Rock PTO would like to help, Jessica wants a motion of approval to use the Village’s FEIN for it. Marvin asked if we will have any money in next year’s budget to help with it. Dan expressed concern about having someone to supervise it. We have to make sure kids are not dropped off and left unattended. Dan said let’s get the Veteran’s Memorial done first, and wait with this until that is done. Marvin said the plan is to do it next year, not this year. Put this on July’s agenda. Also put the Village Sign on the July agenda. Deb Riese suggested going through Channel 3 to get good promotion and coverage.

Public Input – Dan

Pat Alt asked if postings could be put in the newspaper again.,

Upcoming Meetings –
June 14, 6:00 to 8:00, Board of Review
June 20th Board meets with Bart Nies
Next Board Mtg July 11, 2017

Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.