The Lone Rock Village Board will meet on: Tuesday, June 13th at 7:00 P.M.
at the Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI


1. Roll Call – approve agenda – approve minutes

2. Resolution 2017-10 to Save and Preserve Lone Rock Elementary School Building

3. Cell Towers – Requests for Access/Contract Updates

4. Village Attorney

5. EMS Office

6. Compost / Burn Site

7. Liquor Licenses, Cigarette Licenses and Operators’ Permits for
      a. D & Z’s – Class “A” Liquor, Class “A” Beer, Cigarette & Tobacco Products
            i. Operator Permits for Melodie Wells, Courtney Lufkin-Brisk, Rena Bjorge, Danielle Halverson, Christy Richter, Stacey Sordahl, LeAnn Schultz, and Aleta Schweiss
      b. Dollar General – Class “A” Liquor (Wine), Class “A” Beer, Cigarette & Tobacco Products
            i. Operator Permits for Kelli Van Bendergom, Lawrence Joseph Gatta, Josh Russell, Jennifer Hurley, and Alexandra Deneen
      c. Lone Stop Shell – Class “B” Liquor, Class “B” Beer, Cigarette & Tobacco Products
            i. Operator Permits for James Crist, Hunter Pulvermacher, Hinolan Yowilda Moya, Holly K. Potaracke, Eugene Leffler, Cassie Rowles, Jessica Bartle, Kim Kitelinger, John Crook, Cheri Crook
      d. The Waz Inn – Class “B” Beer, Class “B” Liquor
            i. Operator Permit for Rhonda Rogstad
      e. The Woods – Class “B” Beer, Class “B” Liquor
            i. Operator Permits for Jenna Lea Ackerman, Lori Marie Miller, Mary Jean Larsen, Kaitlyn Marie Sass, Sheila A. Pulvermacher, Trevor Daniel Strine, Jenna Jo Foley, Eileen Mary Hamburg, Margaret Ann Schmitz
      f. Temporary Permit for 4th of July Committee
            i. Operator Permit for Tootie Pulvermacher
8. Police
      a. Gas Card or Cash for after hours use
      b. New Portable Radio
      c. 4th of July Staffing

9. Parks
      a. Concession Stand Use

10. Streets

11. Library

12. Water and Sewer
      a. CMAR Report

13. Public Input

14. Upcoming Meetings –
      a. June 14, 6:00 to 8:00, Board of Review
      b. June 20th Board meets with Bart Nies
      c. Next Board Mtg July 11, 2017

15. Adjourn