Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, December 13th 2016 at 7:00 P.M.,
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Steve Morgenson, Tom Whalen, Dan Quinn, Corey Ewers, Jr. Marshall. Board President, Dean Ewers presiding.

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Board President Dean Ewers at 7:00 PM.

Roll Call – Roll call was taken with all board members present. Also in attendance were Esther Marshall, Marian Copus, Dan Wilson, Christa Quinn, A.J. Christianson, Mary Ann Evans, Adam Reno, Karen Kampen.

Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda by Jr. Marshall, second by Dan Quinn, all in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes by Steve Morgenson, second by Pulvermacher, all in favor, motion carried.

Fire Station Addition Update – Ted was not here. Adam Reno reported that they passed the second inspection and everything is going ok.

Richland County Sheriff’s Department - Mobile Home Park Address Changes – Street Signs – Cell Tower Discussion – Deputy Bob Frank addressed the mobile home addressing process. Concerning signs, it was decided earlier that the Village would put up the signs. It is up to the owner to put the address on their home. As long as the property owner is ok with it, go ahead. Dean said make sure we stay 32 feet from center of the frontage road, we should be ok. We should own 33 feet, so would have one foot to spare. Ground is probably frozen, Adam thinks we can still get them in. Get everything to fall into place on a date. For the first year, they can use both addresses. Adam said we can put the posts up anytime. Bob said let’s pick a date. Give Adam a copy of the addresses. It will be up to the residents to let everyone know their new address. Dean said will need to do a Digger’s Hotline. Let’s go for January 10th. Dan Quinn motion Steve second, to purchase the signs and get them in by January 10th. All in favor, motion carried.

Chad Kanable did a talk concerning the radio communications on the water tower. He presented an agreement for the Board President to sign. The project was approved by the County Board today. The agreement states that the Village agrees to let the two antennae be put up by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department that will extend down along the tower, with two repeaters that will sit at the bottom of the tower. For now, it will just be along the tower, however it is possible that a building would be put up later. The Village agrees to cover the cost of the electricity to the equipment, and the Sheriff’s department takes care of the cost and maintenance on the equipment, the FCC licensing. Use equipment along with two others, get a repeater, maintain it, if it goes down, get another one. Motion by Pulvermacher, second by Jr. Marshall to let Richland County Sheriff’s Department put the antennae up rent free on the tower. All in favor, motion carried. Dean said we have trouble in this area with EMS and Fire, and it will be a win-win for us. Bob Frank and Chad Kanable left.

Clerk Kampen said she realized after everyone signed the Resolution to borrow money for the fire station addition that she had put the wrong loan amount on the Resolution. Ted Greenheck had given her paperwork for $121,000, and that is what she put on the Resolution. Instead of the exact amount, it should have been more in case of any changes that had to be made. She asked the Board if she should have the bank increase the amount of the loan to $150,000 as was the original motion. Board members agreed that we should keep with the original motion.

Richland Co. Tax Deeds on Properties (Glaser/Kast) – Update – It has to be re-advertised, as they had to lower the minimum. It will be another three weeks before it comes around again.

Lawler Property Clean-up – Have Ryan contact them. Bartender Licenses for Angela Crist at Lone Stop Shell; LeAnn L. Schultz and Rena L. Bjorge at D & Z’s; and Trevor D. Strine at The Woods – All Have Completed Successful Background Checks and Certification Requirements -- Motion to approve these licenses by Pulvermacher, second by Morgenson. All in favor, motion carried. Discussion on how much to charge for a Wine license, which we have never had applications for previously, but that is what Dollar General is asking for. Decided to price Wine licenses at $300 per year.

Appointment of Election Inspectors for 2017 – Pat Alt, Bev Dietzman, Nancy Fischer, Mary Gorman, Nancy Greenheck, Alice Hatfield, Esther Marshall, Karen Kampen – Motion by Pulvermacher, second by Morgenson to appoint Pat Alt, Bev Dietzman, Nancy Fischer, Mary Gorman, Nancy Greenheck, Alice Hatfield, Esther Marshall, and Karen Kampen as Election Inspectors for 2017. All in favor, motion carried.

Action on Date for Caucus (the date needs to be Established Between December 1 and January 1, according to Statutes, and the date set at the December meeting needs is to be held between January 2nd and January 21st,) motion needed to set date and time for Caucus at 7:00 P.M. on January 17, 2017, as discussed in November Meeting -- Motion by Morgenson, second by Corey Ewers to establish the date for Caucus to be 7:00 P.M. on January 17, 2017. All in favor, motion carried.

Review of Building Permits – There were no new building permits this month. A list of the permits for the year was distributed for board members to review.

Action on 2017 Budgets – The 2017 Proposed Budgets were presented at a public hearing held at the Lone Rock Village Office on Motion by Morgenson, second by Quinn, to approve the 2017 Budget as proposed. All in favor, motion carried.

AJ Christianson – Court Update – Would like to get a carnival started in Lone Rock. Getting deadbolts for the office. Working on community projects. He has organized a Blood Drive, which will be held noon to five on January 4th.

Parks – Take off the agenda until Spring. Steve ordered the slide. It will be here the first week of April, and cost $6,368.

Police - Ryan is working and wasn’t able to be here, but he left information on what he is working on. He is going to be working on the junk and unlicensed vehicles around town. He will give them 10 days to comply. Cops for Kids, etc. … will be ordering a new vest; we ok’d that previously. Grants will be covering some of that cost. Worthless checks and drug paraphernalia, Ordinances – we decided to let the County take care of those issues.

Streets – Adam said we had a dump inspection, first time since 1986. Everything passed; they would like us to burn 4 times/year instead of just once. That is in our permits to burn, so we’re covered, and everything is good. Dean said we had a lot of trees down because of wind, too.

Library -- Nothing to report.

Water and Sewer -- Dan reported that the new pump has been installed; a manhole had to be replaced, and that has been taken care of; there was a blocked main line from industrial towels that someone on W. Union St. using shop towels and flushing them down. At least two basements were flooded as a result. Discussion followed that people are going to be responsible for damages if this happens again. It’s getting wrapped around our pumps, too, and causing damage to equipment. We were there three hours getting that unplugged and cleaned up. Dan said we got the plug out in the lagoon. Dean said have them bring the big jetter to get that out.

Public Input -- Richard Brander said Dan McGuire was going to come, but wants to get a delay put on the school closing. Wants representation by the board at the meeting. Will have to have an attorney do the process of getting the delay. Met with Arena Village Board, and they are well on the way to get the buildings from the district Need to change the school board members up for re-election in order to save the schools entirely. Have to talk to an attorney to see how to get the building out of the district’s hands. Dan said closing the bridge is going to really make it a lot more difficult for getting those kids to school. There’s politics involved in every decision. If we want to save the bridge, we have to put pressure on the politicians. Economic impact is a big deal. The existing bridge would make a great bike path. Could put picnic tables out there and it would be a beautiful place to sit and look at the scenic river. Tom Whalen said the Historical Society is interested in it, too. The referendum was designed to fail. Now you know what you’re up against. Tom said he thinks we should make them give the school forest back to us, too. Adam Reno said there are two lots sitting empty, too. 6:30 tomorrow night at the Community Building.

Review Bills – The bills were distributed for approvals.

Set Date of Next Meeting – 7:00 PM, January 10, 2017

Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 8:24 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen J. Kampen, Clerk