Minutes of The Lone Rock Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 11th 2016 at 7:00 P.M.
Village Office Conference Room, 314 E Forest St, Lone Rock, WI.

Trustees: Harry Pulvermacher, Steve Morgenson, Tom Whalen, Dan Quinn, Corey Ewers, Jr. Marshall. Board President, Dean Ewers presiding.

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Board President Dean Ewers at 7:00 PM.

Roll Call – Roll call was taken with all board members present with the exception of Jr. Marshall, who was on vacation. Also in attendance were Marian Copus, Christa Quinn, Ted Greenheck, Bart Nies, Steven King, A.J. Christenson, Tootie Pulvermacher, Karen Kampen.

Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda by Morgenson, second by Pulvermacher, carried.

Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the August minutes by Corey Ewers, Morgenson second, carried.

Bart Nies is running late, so we went to the Fire Station Addition Update.

Fire Station Addition Update – Ted Greenheck – Review for Approval Bid Recommendations from Bid Committee – 2 bids today from S&D Builders of Spring Green, $146,551. Local subcontractors being included in this bid are Ewers Excavating, Concrete Forms, Thermo Dynamics, Hottmann Plumbing, Faber Electric, Garage Door Express, and Rainbow Insulation as their subs. The other bid was from Midwest Builders, Fennimore, at $166,924. Subs were Site Excavation, Midwest Concrete, BelAire for the roofing, fascia & soffit, Monkovich for drywall and painting, Garage Door Express, Snyder Plumbing & Heating, and Electric Designs for the electric.

If we decide to go with the low bid, Ted thinks we can negotiate even further, which would be a savings on top of the bid we have today. It comes out to $100 sq. ft. Motion by Quinn to accept the S&D Builders bid at $146,551. Pulvermacher second. All in favor. Motion carried. Have to get the Building Permit. Pulvermacher motion to get the loan through Lone Rock Bank. Morgenson second. All in favor. Carried. Bart Nies arrived.

Delta 3 Engineering – Bart Nies - Met with Adam and Dan and went through the water and sewer projects that we could get some grant funding for. We found 19 areas that would need improvement. Bart prioritized the projects by areas that have been the most problematic, and that are in need of valves and hydrants. On all of the projects, as far as the street work, there is no curb and gutter work included in the estimates. Only the street work. Dean said this is a lot of information, and thinks we should all take it home and study it, then come back ready to make some decisions. Plan to meet again with Bart in December or January. Bart said we do have to send the ITA and PERF forms to DNR by the end of October, so we are eligible for the funds. Bart will submit the forms. CDBG grant is due May 27th. In order to be put on the list to receive the grants, we need to choose some priorities to start with, get the requirements taken care of, then the priorities can change later if there is more urgency somewhere else. Discussion followed on what to start with.

Dan Quinn motion to pick 1, 2, and 3 and submit to the DNR. Motion carried. The necessary forms were signed.

Bart said he would like to meet with us again in December or January.
A. Capital Improvements

Consider for Approval the WI DNR Intent to Apply and Priority Evaluation Ranking Form

Discussion and Roll Call Vote on Zoning Board of Appeals Recommendation for Steven G. and Jane A. King, for a 2-Car Garage Addition to be Built to the Lot Line at 311 E. Commercial Street, on the West 90’ of Lot 1, West 90’ of North half of Lot 2, Block Sixteen, Village of Lone Rock, Richland County, Wisconsin. – Clerk Kampen reported that the Zoning Committee met the evening prior to this meeting, toured the affected area, and voted unanimously to approve the Zoning variance. Mr. King is building up to his lot line, will not extend beyond that, and there is ample space for what he has proposed. The fact that it is located on a dead-end street that abuts railroad property, where no future building expansion would be allowed weighted their decision to approve it as well. It will extend 21 feet now instead of 25 feet as originally requested. Morgenson motion to approve, Corey Ewers second, all in favor except Jr. Marshall, who was absent. Motion carried. Review for Approval a Bartender’s License for Alexis M. Donaldson for Lone Stop Shell; Temporary Class “B” Retailer’s License for Lone Rock 4th of July Committee, Ethel Fitzgibbons, Officer, for Charity Benefit Event for Tom Dederich on 10/22/16. Motion by Harry Pulvermacher, second by Whalen to approve the bartender License and the Temporary Class “B” Retailer’s License for Alex and for the 4th of July Committee for the Charity Benefit. All in favor, motion carried.

DNR Floodplain Ordinance Update – Review and Discussion – There is an existing Floodplain Ordinance, and this will replace that ordinance, which should be much easier. We are well on our way to a timely submission. It has been posted in the paper, and the Public Hearing is scheduled for October 26, 2016, at 7:00 P.M.

Richland Co. Tax Deeds on Properties (Glaser/Kast) – Since Jr. Marshall is on vacation, this is tabled to the next meeting.

Dollar General Store Update – Everything is moving along well. The sign permit is in process

Review of Building Permits – Two building permits, a revised permit for a deck from Dave Schoen, and a remodel. - Quinn /Pulvermacher to approve both building permits as presented. All in favor, motion carried.

Set Date & Time for Trick or Treating in Lone Rock – Motion by Dan Quinn, second by Tom Whalen to have Halloween Trick-or-Treating on Monday, October 31st, from 4-7 PM. All in favor, motion carried.

Fire Billings – Vote on Adding Outstanding Balances to Tax Roll – Motion by Tom Whalen, second by Steve Morgenson to go ahead.

Parks – Adam is absent due to the birth of his new son, Forrest. The new basketball court is done. We will table Mary Gorman’s window until Adam gets back. Harry Pulvermacher said every year we cut a tree and put it up in Battery Park. He has a person who would donate a tree and will bring it to the park and plant it. Motion by Quinn, second by Morgenson to accept the donation. Motion carried. This is a live tree. Want to put it to the right of the gate so it is not blocking the view from anywhere. Pulvermacher said he was at a meeting of the Veteran’s Memorial. The rock that has “Garrison” on it is cracked, they would like to move that, and will take the sign off it and put it on the new monument. Discussion on the history of the monument. There are only two stipulations, and that isn’t one of them. They want to move it to the north of there a little bit. It will fit right in with the monument, and can be done without cracking the rock further.

Tootie reported on the financial position of the Veteran’s Memorial. A nice donation was just received from a veteran.

Community Hall - Review of Contract – Tom Dederich’s benefit is Oct. 22nd, usually when it is a benefit we waive the rental cost. Motion by Corey Ewers, second by Dan Quinn to waive the cost of the hall for the benefit. Motion carried.

Discussion continued regarding the contract. Morgenson said we want a statement that the renter is responsible for any damages. Dean said he would like to see a couple of the windows changed to get better circulation. Quinn said we would get better air movement with an air circulation system. An outside forced air power vent would be most effective. Dean said the building is actually building moisture due to lack of circulation. Have Adam get some prices on some windows when he gets back.

Police – Back in September he did a presentation on bicycle safety and bike laws at the elementary school. Sent handouts home with parents.

Streets – Corey said they did the tree trimming. Dan was pushing some brush up and caught a door. $600 fix on the door that got ripped off.

Library – Tootie said the library is doing very well. Story time on Tuesday mornings is sing-along for pre-schoolers. Movie Monday called Angry Birds, more movies on DIY projects each first Monday at 3:45. There will be a morning tea book club starting in November. A Homework Club will be at 3:45 for anyone who would like to come in for help with their homework.

Water and Sewer - Dan has been doing routine maintenance with the Jetter, flushing the mains.

Review Bills—The bills were distributed for review and approval.

Public Input - Dale & Geneva Sittig – bought the Glaser place and would like to tear the house down. Also would like to cut up the downed trees for wood, if that is ok. The Board granted approval for both.

Set Date of Next Meeting – Falls on Election Day – Tuesday, November 15, 2016 is the date of the next meeting.

Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 8:28 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen J. Kampen, Clerk