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Minutes of the meeting of the Lone Rock Village Board held on Tuesday June 14, 2016.

Roll call – Steve Morgenson Absent. A motion by Marshall & a second by C Ewers, to adopt the agenda as presented, carried. A motion by Pulvermacher and a second by C Ewers to approve minutes as published, carried

Richland Co Tax Deeds (Glaser/Kast): Still in the works, possible another month or two. Marshall will keep us updated.

Approve Mobile Home Park Licenses: Motion by Pulvermacher and 2nd by Quinn to approve the Mobile Home Park Licenses as published. Carried.
Approve Liquor & Beer Licenses: Motion by Whalen, 2nd by Quinn to approve the Liquor & Beer Licenses as published. Carried
Approve Bartender Licenses: Motion by Pulvermacher, 2nd by Quinn to approve Bartender Licences as published. Carried
Approve Cigarette Licenses: Motion by Quinn, 2nd by Whalen to approve Cigarette Licenses as published. Carried
Building Permits: Motion by C Ewers, 2nd by Pulvermacher to approve Building Permits as published. Carried

Codification Process Update: Another group of ordinances were sent to General Code. Dean came up with another group of ordinances that need to be gone through. Members of the original Ordinance Committee said that a lot or ordinances may be outdated. Code General is supposed to go through the codes, remove outdated ordinances and suggest ordinances that we may wish to adopt.

Parks: Electrical work has been done and more Picnic tables have been ordered. They should be here by the 4th of July.

Community Building:
• A problem with allowing people renting the community building to get in a couple days early for decorating, etc. Made it difficult to for cleaning person to get in and clean. This will be addressed in the future by notifying the cleaning person of situation and/or not allowing admission to building more than 1 day early.

• There was a problem with one of the doors on Liberty St side not closing. This has been resolved. • Floor is in bad shape. Dan Wilson will get quote to refurnish floor. • Head start won’t be using the building next year. They offered to paint the room they have been using to get it back to original condition. Suggested using Satin, high gloss paint of close color.

Police: Ryan contacted the Spring Green police dept about getting an additional officer to work on evening of July 3rd and 4th. The 4th of July Committee will pay for this. Motion by Quinn, 2nd by Marshall to allow Ryan to get help for the evening of July 3rd and 4th. Carried. The village has also contacted Richland County for extra help during the 4th of July.

• Lines will be painted on Main Street next week.

• Wis Coat has offered to Seal Coat the parking area on Union St across from Keg and Kettle for $300. Motion by Quinn, 2nd by Whalen to hire Wis Coat to Seal Coat this area. Carried

Library: The fill in librarian has resigned as of 6/24/16. The library will be hiring a new Library Director.

Water & Sewer:
• CMA Report is completed. Need a resolution that the Board has accepted the report. Motion by C Ewers, 2nd by Pulvermacher to make a Resolution to accept the CMA Report as presented. Carried

• Ponds are in good condition • Looking at Looping water lines that dead end. Bart from Delta 3 will address looking for grants to do this at the August meeting.

Closed Session to Discuss clerk position: Motion by Marshall, 2nd by Quinn to go into closed session to discuss filling clerk position. Roll call vote: Pulvermacher, Quinn, Whalen, C Ewers, Marshall and D Ewers. Absent: Morgenson

Motion to return to Open Session: Motion by Marshall, 2nd by Whalen. Carried

Signed vouchers

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12th, 2016. The meeting will be held in the Village Office Conference Room at 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned