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Minutes of the meeting of the Lone Rock Village Board held on Tuesday April 19, 2016. Roll call – All Present. A motion by Marshall & a second by Quinn, to adopt the agenda as presented carried. Approval of Minutes carried with a motion by Pulvermacher and a second by Morgenson.

Terry Watters – Bullying/Vandalism handout from December 2015 board meeting discussion – Topic was discussed further at the following Police & Public Safety meeting; board contacted area officials to further the conversation and it was decided there were already local, county and state laws and ordinances adequate to address the issue. The board will now take it into further consideration and will contact our legal representative to see if any further ordinance should be considered and/or necessary.

Bob Frank – Returning from 2014-2015 in regard to the mobile home park on US Hwy 14 address issues – 911 calls don’t address correctly within the park. A grid and road names were previously set up but was never implemented. The committee set up is still in place and will advance implementing it in a timely manner. A motion by Morgenson and second by Whalen carried allowing the village to pay for the road and street signs.

AJ Christianson – Record Access/Municipal Court Phone Line/Ordinances/Expanded Training Budget 1st Year if Necessary – During his initial Municipal Court Training Class AJ sited 7 state statutes he hopes to concentrate on in his first year in order to bring the village into full compliance with. He sees a need for increasing the Judicial Training budget for the first year and leveling it out in ongoing years. The record keeping regarding the village ordinances (codification project) has been on-going and needs to be fast-tracked. Esther Marshall will spearhead the project.

Richland County Tax Deeds on Properties (Glaser/Kast) – JR Marshall will keep current on any developments and when these properties come up for sale or bid the board will then address purchase of both. The Kast property abuts already owned village property and the Glaser property has an issue with the house being within the street right of way and possibly purchasing the lot and removing the house from it may be the best way to address the problem.

The 4th of July Committee Class “B” Retailer’s Licenses – A motion by Morgenson and a second by Pulvermacher to grant the licenses carried.

Fire Station Addition – A motion by Whalen and a second by Marshall carried to start the necessary re-draws of the original plans, which is now necessary to restart the project.

Building Permits – A neighbor dispute regarding property line on Building Permit 16-06 Fence – Richard McGee. Village board will pull permit until a survey is done and turn it over to the village legal advisor.

A motion by Marshall and a second by Corey Ewers to approve all other building permits carried.

Parks – Parks are now open. Some plumbing work has been done. New shed is in. Putting cooler truck up for sale, it was donated to the village by the 4th of July Committee so the money from the sale will be passed on to them.

Community Hall – An interest was expressed by an individual wanting to start a local business networking committee in having an alternative day time meeting space available other than the upstairs community building which is too large and the rental fee too pricey. Depending on groups and size it will be under consideration to allow them to use the village office meeting room. A motion by Marshall and a second by Morgenson to waive rental fees for the group carried.

Police – Presented two drafts of ordinances on Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Issuance of worthless Checks. They will be turned over to the village attorney. Adam fixed the police car.

Streets – Bicycle safety is a concern. Ryan Price will contact the school about presenting a bicycle safety presentation.

Library – donate apple tree was planted. Librarian notified board of her resignation.

Water and Sewer – will bring some reports to next meeting supporting the need for a resolution. Flush water main at all dead ends 4 times a year. DNR mandate for chlorinating the water.

PALS Committee – Village representation was low at the last meeting regarding the school referendum. A need for better notice to village board and community members is needed. The email list seems to be lacking a lot of people who would be interested if they were notified. Public notices need to be better posted.

Meeting adjourned

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th, 2016. The meeting will be held in the Village Office Conference Room, Beginning at 7:00 p.m.