Minutes of the meeting of the Lone Rock Village Board held on Tuesday March 08, 2016. Roll call – All Present. A motion by JR Marshall & a second by Morgenson, to adopt the agenda as presented carried. Approval of Minutes carried with a motion by Pulvermacher and a second by JR Marshall.


Marty Fargen – A motion for Dean Ewers to sign the necessary approvals on behalf of the VOLR Board regarding combining two lots was approved with a motion by Corey Ewers and a second from JR Marshall. Marty had the lots surveyed, applied for a CSM and has filed and followed through on all the necessary legal papers needed to combine the two lots.


Henkel Property – Mortgage satisfaction was met per the village attorney. A motion by Pulvermacher and a second by Whalen to have Dean Ewers sign the mortgage satisfaction carried.


Ethel Fitzgibbons –Ethel presented research regarding erecting a veteran’s memorial as a joint effort with various village committees and organizations on a site on village of Lone Rock property. A motion by JR Marshall and a second by Corey Ewers carried for Ethel and Adam Reno to proceed with selecting a site and memorial specifics and then report back to the board. Further discussion will be ongoing as the plans develop.


Tom Johnson & WI River Runners ATV Club members – A request for club members who reside within the village to be able to ride to and from the ATV Trail by the most direct route from their home was tabled as investigation is made into DNR rules and regulations by Pulvermacher and Dean Ewers discussing with our village attorney.


Possible Village purchase of Jim Kast land on Commercial St. – JR Marshall will follow developments on when it will be up for auction and what actions need to be taken to proceed with a decision in favor of purchasing it.


Parks – Park is closed.


Community Hall –

                              Elevator has been repaired and is functioning again.

                              Lisa Bowen extended a thank you on behalf of the American Legion for the use of the Community Building for their Vets Roll event. The event was extremely successful and raised over                                        $21,000.


Police – Discussion to add additional hours and set a schedule which would cover some evening hours resulted in the decision to schedule a Public Safety Committee meeting. The date will be set once contacting all concerned. Will also discuss a complaint that citations were dismissed after violation of a village ordinance pertaining to non-compliance of cleaning up dog feces.


Streets – Proposals from B&L signs was presented by Adam Reno. Option #1 with the addition of a message board was adopted with a motion from Pulvermacher, and a second from JR Marshall.


Library – Library use is busy and with nicer weather more traffic. Working on some projects for the benefit of the patrons.


Water and Sewer – Dan Wilson presented a bid from Hawkins Chemical to install a chlorine pump after an order from the DNR.


Meeting adjourned

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th, 2016. The meeting will be held in the Village Office Conference Room, Beginning at 7:00 p.m.